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Full Serial VVVF Passenger Elevator Control Cabinet

Full Serial VVVF Passenger Elevator Control Cabinet

The control function of the full series DCVV control cabinet is achieved by its STEP full serial elevator control system.

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Full Serial DCVV Control Cabinet

The control function of the full series DCVV control cabinet is achieved by its STEP full serial elevator control system. The elevator control cabinet supports many control modes such as duplex, group control, remote control, etc. By adopting CAN-Bus serial communication, the wiring cost is reduced due to less cable used, while the elevator is safer and more reliable.

The electric drive uses a MENTOR II DCVV speed regulator produced by British CT, and there is no need for electric generator set. By changing the voltage on the brush of the motor, the motor speed can be modulated. Hence, an elevator controlled by the DCVV control cabinet offers a comfortable feeling, improved operation efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The full serial DCVV control cabinet uses an absorption circuit and a DC reactor to greatly reduce the operation noise. Our control cabinet is suitable for different kinds of DC elevators.

Parameters of the Full Serial DCVV Control Cabinet

Rated elevator speed

Less than 6.3m/s

Power range


Power supply

AC 360-460V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase

Frequency inverter

CT DC frequency inverter

Applicable motor

DC motor

Landing method

Direct landing

Landing accuracy

Less than ±3mm

Machine room heat dissipation

No need

Energy saving performance

Greater than 60% compared with electric generator set

Safety standard

GB7588, EN-81



As a China-based full serial DCVV control cabinet manufacturer, our company also provides VVVF escalator control cabinet, elevator group control system, elevator main controller board, general vector inverter, and more.


 1. Assembled with a full serial control system, our VVVF control cabinet is able to fulfill multiple humanized functions such as duplex control, group control, remote monitoring, emergency rescue, etc.

 2. The excellent VVVF drive system assembled in our full serial VVVF operating box ensures higher stability of the elevator and offers a better elevator travelling experience to passengers. 

 3. CAN bus serial communication method greatly reduces the quantity of cable cores and saves the cost spent on wiring.

Technical Parameters of Full Serial VVVF Control Cabinet

Power Supply: AC380V~460V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase

Power Range: 5.5kW~22kW

Rated Speed: ≤ 3.5m/s

Main Controller of VVVF Elevator Operating Device: STEP SM-01-F5021 board

Safety Standard: GB7588/EN-81

Landing Method: Direct landing

Landing Accuracy: ≤±3mm

Environment Temperature: -10°C~ 45°C

Cabinet Color: Dark gray or customized

Standard Control Cabinet Dimension (mm): 1500×650×382

Resistor Box Dimension: 420×255×117~420×255×255

Interface of Full Serial VVVF Control Cabinet

Power Interface: 16mm2 crimp terminal 

Adapted Inverter: STEP iAstar-AS320 Driver

Adapted Motor: AC asynchronous motor/PM synchronous motor

Encoder: Open-collector, push-pull, differential

Encoder Interface: Standard DB15 plug for synchronous motor; terminal for asynchronous motor

Brake: DC110V/DC220V/AC220V; Rated current ≤6A; Interface: 2.5mm2  crimp 


Door Motor: AC220V VVVF operator

Switches in Machine Room: Governor, upward overspeed protection (which for asynchronous motor), manual wheel, motor side EM-stop and emergency power running switches

Switches in Shaft: Terminal limit switch, buffer switch, rope brake switch, pit 

EM-stop switch and deceleration switch (except limit switch)

Switches on Car Top: Car EM-stop switch, car top EM-stop switch, safety gear, landing sensor, over-load, light-load, full-load switch (car bottom without 

power supply type), light curtain switch, safety edge switch and arrival gong 

switch (electronic type)

Light Power Supply: AC220V for car top and pit, AC36V for car top

Intercom System of Full Serial VVVF Control Cabinet: Five-party (4-line type)

Cable Plug: AMP brand

Rescue Device: Automatic rescue device (ARD); Electric brake releasing device: 

Crimp terminals are in the size of 16mm2 and 2.5mm2.

Travelling Cable: 40 cores flat cable--TVVBP40/36×0.75+2×2P×0.75+1×2.0 (standard 

function system)

Communication Cable: 4 cores round cable-- RVVP4/2×2×0.75

Door Lock Cable: 3 cores round cable-- RVV3/2×0.75+1×2.0

Shaft Switch Cable: 25 cores round cable--RVV25/24×0.75+1×2.0 (standard function 


As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of full serial vvvf passenger elevator control cabinet in China, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality and durable full serial vvvf passenger elevator control cabinet with competitive price. We will offer you good after-sale service and fast delivery.

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