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Control cabinet features
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Modern elevator can have the following basic functions, these functions are factory configured as a standard feature on the elevator, some can be configured according to user requirements. In addition an elevator and some other new features.

Single elevator function

1. driver's operation. Started by a driver closes the elevator runs by car instructions button to selected, Hall summoned only forward sectional ladder, automatic leveling.

2. set the selection control. Collective selective control is inside the car directive and calls and other signals outside the Office carried out a comprehensive analysis of height control feature. It on the car outside the Office of instruction, call register, stops automatically close delay start running to answer one by one, automatic leveling automatic door, forward section ladder, automatic reverse reverse response, automatic call service.

3. descending sets selected. Only downside, have a set of optional features, so outside the only downside call button, up can't stop TI.

4. operate independently. Only by car proceed instructions to a specific floor, designed for specific floors serve passengers, does not answer calls any other station and offices.

5. the special floor control. Special floor when there is a call, lift response within the shortest time. When answering to and ignored in car instruction and other calls. After arriving in the special floors, the function is automatically cancelled.

6. stop ladder operation. At night, weekends or holidays, by stopping elevators switching using elevators stop at the designated floor. Stop when the ladder, the car door closed, lights, fan, power, in the interest of energy-saving and safe.

7. coding security system. This function is used to restrict access to certain floors of passengers only when the keyboard input by the user specified code, elevator to sail to limit floor.