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Daily maintenance of elevator inverter
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Frequency device of application has by common of wind machine, and pump, expand to food, and beverage, and logistics, and buildings,, constantly open new of energy-saving field, its function also get upgrade and diversification, while is full digital, function complete, can compensation load changes of since adapted, and since tuning technology, especially distributed of has communications, and networking function and integrated PLC of high-end frequency device; on the is simple or industry dedicated of frequency device and electromechanical integration, and miniaturization of frequency device. In addition, due to the advent of new high voltage power electronic devices, high voltage and medium voltage inverter have also made great progress.

If the inverter is normal maintenance, you can greatly decrease the failure rate of the inverter:

1, elevator electric room temperature must not be too high, otherwise the converter component easy to aging, best air-conditioned consequence good;

2, the prevention of wet, usually in a typhoon, Windows are blown inverter got the bad and the rain;

3, lightning, which is associated to the whole building or all community mine facilities, individual damage severe lightning strikes inverters;

4, inverter cooling fan of regular cleaning, maintenance mode converter using line voltage detection and measurement of DC resistance of two kinds of methods found their sound or not running will change;

5, Elevator motor abnormal noise is usually inverter problem, such as electric three-phase current unbalance, best service, wait until the inverter complete occurs, damage can be severe.