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Lift inverter working environment
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Lift poor working environment, while the inverter is a transistorized electronic equipment, has certain requirements for environment. Where conditions permit, case, you should consider the following issues in the installation and maintenance in order to ensure normal operation of the inverter:

The environmental temperature of the inverter -10~+40 ℃, relative humidity below 90%, ambient environments do not have oil, metal powders, corrosive gases and liquids, not direct sunlight, vibrations must be small. But some lifts (such as outdoor escalator) working in the open air environment, you must take the necessary measures, such as isolation protection. When the ambient temperature is higher than + 40 ℃, for each additional 5 ℃, will cause the inverter to run power is reduced by about 30%, so the inverter for thermal management is very important. In General, cooling fan, heat is taken away, air volume required for each takes 1KW heat is about 0.1m3/s. In the elevator, inverters are generally tank installation. If the environment is cleaner should be used for cabinet cooling, cabinet cooling must be used, retrofitting induced draft cooling fan in the top of the Cabinet, and just above the inverter as far as possible. In outdoor settings when installing the inverter, control cabinet the best two-tier structure, in the intervals between forced air cooling design, this water-resistant sunscreen and good heat dissipation.