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industrial robots

  • Industrial Stacking Robot

    Industrial Stacking RobotSP Series robots are 4-axis robots with simple structure, low failure rate. This model has many advantages such as easy to operate, saving energy, with less area occupation etc.Read More

  • Industrial Welding Robot

    Industrial Welding RobotSA Series robots are compact, small and lightweight, ideal for welding application due to its high stability to finish welding job.Read More

  • Industrial Desk Robot

    Industrial Desk RobotSD Series robots are compact, small and lightweight, ideal for material handling, picking up and sorting, and assembly applications with fast speed and high accuracy.Read More

  • Industrial Bending Robot

    Industrial Bending RobotRobots SR 50B is small and compact and has 50kg wrist payload and 2065mm maximum working radius mainly applied to sheet material bending.Read More

  • Industrial General Robot

    Industrial General RobotWith compact structure, SR series robots are equipped with high-precision reducer, allowing the rotating arm can work flexibly within limited space with high speed, suitable for handling, palletizing, assembly etc.Read More